May. 4th, 2015

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I just supervised two 12-year-old girls baking two chocolate cakes that somehow shall evolve into one castle-shaped cake by Friday. The kitchen was not destroyed. I call that success.

So, to celebrate my still-standing kitchen, and hopefully just in time for barbecue season, I give you:

Potato Salad

2.5kg small salad poatoes
2 medium onions
2 apples
1 jar sweet 'n' sour gherkins

Mayonnaise, yoghurt, crème fraîche to taste for variations.

You can probably find more potato salad recipes in Germany than regions. This one is a very popular basic salad that can then be altered.

I usually make one big base salad and then halve it to have one oil salad (in Berlin we call it Swabian Potato Salad - Swabians are probably laughing their heads off) and one with mayonnaise/yoghurt.

The bad news: it takes about three days to make. The good news: the amount of work required each day is manageable.

Day one:

Boil potatoes in their jackets. Let cool completely over night.

Day two:

Peel potatoes, cut in slices, ad chopped onions, chopped gherkins and chopped apples (I leave the skin on to give it a bit of colour but you can also peel the apples). Add some oil, vinegar and liquid from the gherkin jar (for 2.5kg potatoes I normally end up using all of the liquid but I wouldn't add it all at once, the salad should not be soupy), season with salt and pepper. Let rest in a cool place, ideally not the fridge - I use the basement laundry room.

Day three:

Add more salt, pepper, vinegar or gherkin liquid as needed.

If desired, add mayonnaise, yoghurt or crème fraîche - if you do add any of those, let rest for another two hours or so. Be a bit stingy with the creamy sauces, don't drown the salad. In some regions, hard boiled, sliced eggs are also added. You can also try to add chives or parsley, some chopped tomatoes or sliced radiches - the variations are nearly endless :)


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